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We provide free legal advice for women in Western Australia.

Financial Counselling

Our financial counselling service assists women who have experienced family violence to improve their financial wellbeing and supports them to recover from specific financial problems. Our service is free, independent and confidential. 

Our financial counsellor will guide you through:

  • financial safety
  • how to deal with debts and financial hardship
  • Centrelink debts, entitlements and payment issues
  • understanding how a property settlement may affect your situation
  • referring you to other specialist services you may need, such as legal services, emergency relief, utility relief schemes, and family support.

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Safer Advocacy & Information in Legal Services (SAILS)

2 June 2023 News

The SAILS project will work towards building the community legal sector’s capability to appropriately screen for family and domestic violence risk and act on information given by a woman to ensure her safety. Implementing an appropriate evidence-based screening tool that meets the unique practices and capacity implications of WLSWA and other CLCs. Supporting CLCs with training, procedures, policies and information …

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WLSWA Sexual Offence Reforms

17 April 2023 News

WLSWA Sexual Offence Reforms Apr 23

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