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We provide legal advice and assistance to women in WA

What we do

Our areas of legal practice

  • Family Violence Restraining Orders – identifying and responding to orders
  • Family Law – parenting related issues, some divorce and property matters
  • Protection and Care – matters involving the Department of Communities
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation – where it relates to family or sexual violence

We know that women experiencing or who have experienced family violence commonly have issues with at least one of these other areas of law.

Where we cannot help we will link to another service(s) who might be able to. WLSWA collaborates with many non-legal community services around WA to deliver wrap-around supports.

How we help

Our legal assistance to women includes:

  • Legal information and advice
  • Completing tasks such as document drafting
  • Phone, video and face-to-face appointments
  • Ongoing casework and representation wherever possible

The preferred approach is end-to-end, where assistance is provider by one practitioner until the matter is resolved.

WLSWA aims to empower women to make informed legal choices and participate fully in legal processes that greatly impact them and their children.

Our Client Services Officers can also provide general legal information (not legal advice) or direct people to where they can find such information.

Regional services

WLSWA provides legal assistance and support to women state-wide through online appointments and a regular travel cycle.

Financial Counselling

Our financial counselling service helps women who have experienced family violence to improve their financial wellbeing and supports them to recover from their specific financial problems.

Community Legal Education

We provide community legal education to better educate the community and the community services sector about the most common legal issues affecting women.

Law and Policy Reform

An important part of our role is working towards a systemic improvement in access to justice for women in WA. We ensure women’s voices are heard by engaging in Government reviews, making policy and law reform submissions, and in working in collaboration with like-minded networks and organisations.

Property Legal Clinic

With the support of pro bono lawyers, this monthly clinic provides legal advice about family law financial matters. This can include property settlement and spousal maintenance.


We have developed a number of resources that provide information on socio-legal issues so people can better understand the processes and options available to them.


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