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We provide free legal advice for women in Western Australia.

New Dates Available: WLSWA Family Law (Property) Legal Clinics

WLSWA runs a free Family Law (Property) Legal Clinic once a month to provide eligible women with one-off legal advice about their family law financial matter.

This is mainly advice about their family law property settlement matters but could also include child support, spousal maintenance, adult child maintenance or questions about court procedure or enforcement of current orders. Please note it does not include advice about the effect of financial or child support agreements.

We have recently changed the process for requesting these appointments and updated our website with further information and self-help tools to assist women in family law financial matters.

You can read more about the  WLSWA Family Law (Property) Legal Clinic and download the new self-help tools (including template Family Law Schedules of Assets, Liabilities and Financial Resources) by clicking here.

The planned dates for the WLSWA Family Law (Property) Legal Clinic for the rest of 2019 will be:

  • Tuesday 16 July (1pm to 6pm)
  • Tuesday 20 August (1pm to 6pm)
  • Tuesday 17 September (1pm to 6pm)
  • Tuesday 22 October (1pm to 6pm)
  • Tuesday 19 November (1pm to 6pm)
  • Tuesday 10 December (1pm to 6pm)

Please note these are subject to change and we have a waiting list for appointments.

The WLSWA Family Law (Property) Legal Clinic services are provided mainly through private family lawyers volunteering their time.

We value and welcome the contributions made by our volunteer family lawyers and invite anyone interested in being a volunteer at our clinic to email us care of info@wlswa.org.au or get in touch with our Principal Legal Officer or Senior Executive Officer.

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