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We provide free legal advice for women in Western Australia.

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Despite some improvements in addressing gender inequality in Australia, women continue to be disadvantaged. Statistics reveal lower wages, less seniority and less superannuation, with women assuming unpaid primary caring roles. Gender inequality is the primary driver of gendered violence and women are over-represented as victims of family and domestic violence (and resulting homelessness), sexual harassment, sexual violence and elder abuse.

At Women’s Legal Service WA, we provide a safe space for women who – not surprisingly – are often in complex situations, disempowered and unable to see which way to turn when faced with different legal issues. Applying our core-values, we provide a tailored service centred around the woman, assisting her with access to justice. We do this by providing expert information and advice, fostering informed choices, and offering a holistic approach by way of referrals and arrangements with organisations, both legal and non-legal who we collaborate with.

Women and children in WA who are escaping family and domestic violence are also invariably experiencing financial hardship and in desperate need. Covering some basic costs of food, transport and phone credit, is often critical in enabling them and their children to escape violent relationships and ensure their safety and recovery. The availability of modest emergency relief will alleviate some of the pressures commonly facing women escaping a violent relationship and home, and assist in creating space for them to consider their options.

We will gratefully accept donations to provide emergency relief to clients who have no money for expenses critical to cover essential items. This will be part of a coordinated wrap-around support package aimed at improving their overall wellbeing.

Your donation will also contribute to the ongoing provision of gender-specific integrated legal services, information and support to West Australian women, living with disadvantage and often in desperate need.

Help us continue and expand our services to help more women in need. Your donation could provide a vulnerable woman:

-Assistance with legal advice

-Representation in Court

-Assistance in making claims for CIC as a result of domestic and family violence or sexual assault

We are a not-for-profit community organisation that gratefully accepts donations. Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible. To discuss a targeted or bespoke sponsorship program please contact us.

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Today the WLSWA team joined the 32nd Annual Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March and Rally, the longest running FDV march in Australia. We were proud to partner with Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing to organise this event. Powerful speeches from Dr Ann O’Neill and Alison Gibson were courageous reminders of the lived realities of women and children who are killed by …

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Tania Cecconi Chair of WLSWA Board

21 November 2022 News

Women’s Legal Service is excited to announce the appointment of Tania Cecconi as Chair of the WSLWA Board. Tania brings a wealth of experience, insights and ideas to this role. She has worked across the public and not for profit sectors, specialising in education, training and employment. She is motivated by improving the workforce participation of vulnerable groups in society, …

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