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We are a not-for-profit community legal centre who provide free socio-legal services to WA women. Our service improves women’s lives through specialist legal representation, support and advocacy. Our services are available to all women who have been adversely impacted by gendered violence.

We do this by providing high quality socio-legal assistance that supports the safety of women and assists with access to entitlements. Our service is trauma informed and culturally secure. Our services are available to all persons who identify as women.

With limited appointments available, we target our services to women who have the greatest need and who may experience additional barriers in accessing support and justice. That can mean women who:

  • have no or very low income
  • have limited access to other legal services, such as those in remote regions, those not eligible to access other services (including Legal Aid), or where their local community legal centre is unable to assist
  • are experiencing or overcoming family violence, or the trauma it creates
  • live with a disability
  • are homeless
  • are in prison or remand
  • are from a multicultural background, particularly if English is a second language
  • are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • are experiencing discrimination on the basis of sexuality.

Where we cannot help, we will endeavour to make a referral to another service who might be able to.

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2 June 2023 News

The SAILS project will work towards building the community legal sector’s capability to appropriately screen for family and domestic violence risk and act on information given by a woman to ensure her safety. Implementing an appropriate evidence-based screening tool that meets the unique practices and capacity implications of WLSWA and other CLCs. Supporting CLCs with training, procedures, policies and information …

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WLSWA Sexual Offence Reforms

17 April 2023 News

WLSWA Sexual Offence Reforms Apr 23

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